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Zhong Xin Dao/I Liq Chuan
Martial Arts of Awareness

This martial art teaches us to use the biomechanics of our body in a targeted and conscious manner.

It trains attention to the body, mindfulness to focus on one thing, to hold it and it trains mindfulness to be able to focus on two things at the same time.

This approach and way of training is completely new.
The martial art improves movement holistically, unites body and mind and is fun

Zhong Xin Dao - I Liq Chuan, the martial art of awareness has a unique and wonderful training approach. Instead of being primarily about the fight, the spirit should be developed. Accordingly, skills such as perception, mindfulness, attention and concentration are in the foreground.

With perception, the nature of the body should be recognized and understood. The design of how the body's mechanisms are intended. So let's take a look at the user manual before we learn how to use the Body instrument correctly in the second step. To do this, we then cultivate the attention that is to be held as in meditation and then additionally expanded. This in turn we want to practice for our structure and our movement. The partner, who is an essential part of martial arts, serves as feedback for us to recognize together whether the mechanisms are working and whether the attention is staying.

Hence the name 意力拳 (I Liq Chuan) = mind-power-fist, translated as "martial arts of mind and body" or "martial arts of mindfulness".

Consequences are mental and physical balance, which as a side effect can also eliminate physical complaints caused by improper movement. You can find out exactly how this works on your own body in a free introductory training session.
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