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Martial Arts Center for all ages 
Sifu Christopher Eagen
since 2018 in Spangdahlem, Germany 


In todays World, self-defense is almost a must, not only using your fists but just as important using your brain.
Do you have fears, stress or lack self-confidence ?
Then we are what you are looking for !
In our Martial Arts Center in Badem we can teach you how to deal with different situations, to find inner peace, self-confidence and reduce stress and fears.
The benefits include total fitness, increase's body and mind efficiency.
So, what are you waiting for ?
Come by, see, feel, experience and discover the potential in you.
The best way to deal with a attack, is to avoid it. A fight should always be the last option. 
- Christopher Eagen

We are relocating

March 04, 2018


our Martial Arts school in Badem is relocating on 06/01/2018 to Spangdahlem.

Adress will be announced soon.


Your Martial Arts school  

New T-Shirts for Students

June 27, 2017

After a long time waiting our new T-Shirts are finally here

First assistant trainer of E.o.S.A.

May 19, 2017

Student Robin Streit passed his martial arts test to become our first assistant Trainer of Elements of Shaolin Association. Congratulations !!

Your Trainer's

Christopher Eagen

Andreas Gradert

Charles Eagen

Jason Eagen

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About us

We offer Martial arts for everyone

EoS self-defense ( techniques for different situations )

Kali/Escrima ( self-defense with and without weapons )

next to the usual aspects of martial arts, like self-defense and reflex training, our training also covers following learning contents:

  • build's up self confidence

  • anxiety and stress reduction

  • train's the whole body musculature

  • agility training

  • peace and balance within oneself 

  • increased energy potential

  • increased efficiency

  • increased body control

Membership fee and try out's

  • 2x free training

  • for students age's 8 of 17 40,00 €

  • over 18 45,00 €

  • one time admission and pass fee 50,00 €



The Trainers


Elements of Shaolin Association 

Christopher Eagen

Head Trainer 

  • 4th Master degree ( Silver ) E.o.S.A.

  • Elements of Shaolin Association proprietor

  • born 06. Dec.1992

  • Trainer since 2011

  • Member since 2003

  • 1 years of experience

  • 1st DAN Karate - Do

  • teaches escrima and weaponless fighting techniques 

Andreas Gradert

Co-founder of E.o.S.A.

  • 9th Grandmaster degree ( Gold ) E.o.S.A.

  • born 29 Nov. 1971

  • Trainer since 1998

  • Member since 1998

  • 25 years of experience

  • teaches escrima and weaponless fighting techniques 

Charles Eagen

Master of E.o.S.A.

  • 4th Master degree ( Silber ) E.o.S.A.

  • born 05 Feb.1959

  • Member since 2004

  • 14 years of experience

  • 1st DAN Karate - Do

Jason Eagen

Master of E.o.S.A.

  • 1st Master degree ( Bronze ) E.o.S.A.

  • born 22 Oct. 1994

  • Member since 2003

  • 15 years of experience

  • 1st DAN Karate - Do

Robin Streit

Assistant Trainer of E.o.S.A.

  • 7th Student level E.o.S.A.

  • born 03 Mar. 1996

  • Member since 2016

Training hours

Training Hours

6.15 pm - 7.15 pm
EoS- ages 12 - 18
7.30 pm - 9pm
stick (Escrima/Kali ) ages 14 and up
6pm - 7pm
EoS- ages 8 - 12
8pm - 9.30pm
EoS- ages 16 and up
7pm - 9pm
EoS- ages 16 and up
EoS- ages 8 - 12
6pm - 7pm
7pm - 9pm
EoS- ages 16 and up

Vacation Time




Dec. 22 2017 - Jan. 9 2018

Mar. 23 2018 - Apr. 6 2018

June 25 2018 - Aug. 3 2018


The History of Elements of Shaolin Association

In 1997, She Dewen a shaolin monk was invited by Gertrud Schröder and Peter Blum to visit our martial arts school in Badem. Known for his international performances in the esemble of the shaolin monks, he taught for the first time in Europe, including Freiburg and here in Badem.

He had gained worldwide popularity through his numerous television appearences.

He is among the few peolple in the world, who are able to throw a needle through a window. His inspiration led to the founding of the "Elements of Shaolin Association."

In the organization, ten martial artist and meditaion teachers came together to learn from each other, to work systematically, explore martial arts and pass on their resulting knowledge.

All in all, more than 100 years of martial arts and meditation experience came together. Through system-wide work, they soon realized that many martial arts systems had one or more aspects that where common during their development. They also realized that other aspects were completely lost or only known by their Name.

For example, the Philippine martial arts systems are very valuable from the point of view of self-defense. The Philippines were invaded several times,

that's why, the inhabitants had to be able to defend themselves effectively.

Their style has been often exclusively taught.

In their work they noticed that the Philippine systems contain a very strong energetic promoting component. They also found exercices that can be used to solve learning blockages.

In some systems individual aspects were completely lost, so they filled these gaps with knowledge from other systems, which are strong in these lost areas.

That's how elements from various martial arts and cultures ( Japanese, Chinese, Philippine and Tibetan elements ) came together and merged into one organization called:

"The Elements of Shaolin Association"

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